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One Tapni = One Tree Planted

We start the new year with great news! 🤩

Tapni has become part of the Tree Nation community and from now on the purchase of each Tapni product enables the planting of 1 tree! 🌳

The Tapni and Tree Nation partnership is a sign of our ambition to focus our goals on the improvement of our products and services, as well as to adapt them to global needs and ethical standards that bring various benefits to the entire population. 🤝


What is Tree Nation?

Tree-Nation allows citizens and companies to plant trees all around the world and offset their CO2 emissions. ✅

Most importantly, Tree-Nation uses technology to make tree planting easy and provide support, advice and solutions to citizens and companies to help them transition towards a sustainable future.

Tapni is among more than 13,000 companies that are part of the Tree Nation global community. 🌍

One Tapni = One tree planted 🌳

Awareness that it is necessary to adapt products and services and direct them towards positive environmental standards, the Tapni team has already recognized, and that is why last year we created Tapni Custom Bamboo Cards, a product that is eco-friendly and provides equally advanced possibilities for networking.

What does this mean to us?

For us, the fact that we have become part of the Tree-Nation community is a sign that again we have decided to improve something - this time in the world of ecology, solving climate change problems and preserving our environment.

Tapni was started with a vision to make better and more accessible for everyone something that really meant to us. In our case, it was networking.

One Tapni = One tree planted 🌳

Our solution based on NFC technology offers a range of products that replace paper business cards and thus enable:

  • To reduce the number of 7.2 million trees that are cut down each year to produce paper business cards 🌳
  • To eliminate the need to throw away paper business cards after the exchange, because about 88% of such cards end up in the trash can after just one week 🗑️
  • To use one product (card, sticker, keychain or wristband) for networking, getting to know each other and exchange data, which saves not only time, but also space (because you don't need to carry paper cards all the time) 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♂️
  • To be not only innovative in the world of networking, but also to show developed environmental awareness at the same time. 🙏

As the most important fact of this partnership, we single out that YOU will be able to contribute to this joint mission of Tapni and Tree-Nation!

By purchasing any Tapni product, you will enable the planting of one tree! 🤯

One Tapni = One tree planted 🌳

Look at it as the fact that your decision to change the way you networking gives you not only the opportunity to use the revolutionary Tapni products, but to contribute to something much greater - the improvement of the current state of our ecological community!

With one simple decision, YOU will influence:

  • That the world, with your help, will find out what the networking revolution will be made of now and in the years to come 🚀
  • To plant one tree and thereby contribute manifold to the preservation of the environment ♻️

We are proud and happy that the year 2023 begins with your and our decision to make the world a better and more beautiful place for others and we are excited about everything that the partnership of Tapni and Tree-Nation will bring to others! 🎉

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